I want to acknowledge the work of Marc Janoson and his group concerning a  gun case in Queens. My client had an open sentence in Queens after he  pleaded to CPW2 and YO.  He had psychological issues that needed to be  addressed in order to get my client a non-jail plea. Dr. Janoson prepared a report that the judge relied on heavily in giving my client time served and 5 years probation, which is rare anywhere in NYC these days.
On behalf of the Rivera family and myself, thank you Dr. Janoson!

- Kevin O'Donnell, Esq.

Thank you for all of your help  –  you and your expert reports really were critical in recovering for our clients! Confidentiality is key now, but I am very happy with the resolution.  We will be in touch when we need  further expert evaluation!

- Brent E. Pelton, Esq.

Marc has been working with me for years. His attention to detail, knowledge of the instruments and well thought out reports have been instrumental in helping my clients. I highly recommend him.

- George Goltzer, Esq.