Each forensic psychologist, neuropsycholgist and psychiatrist provides the following services:

Criminal Forensic Psychology

• Forensic Mental Health Assessments

• Evaluation of Understanding of Miranda Rights

• False Confessions Obtained Under Duress

• Defenses: Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI)

  and  Extreme Emotional Disturbance (EED)

• Competency to Stand Trial

• Sentence Mitigation

Family Forensic Evaluation


    Other Evaluation Services

     • Personal Injury

     • Immigration

     • Law Enforcement

     • Elder Law/Guardianship



     Expert Court Testimony

     Assigned Counsel Plan


Client Counseling/Psychotherapy

Dr. Janoson also offers treatment services to adult and juvenile offenders whose crimes were committed, at least in part, because of diagnosed psychological  factors. This therapy can include anger management  counseling, sex offender therapy, counseling to increase victim empathy, substance abuse treatment, or extended psychotherapy for personality disorders.




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