Police officer candidates, correction officer candidates, candidates for firefighter positions, prospective deputy sheriffs, traffic enforcement officers, as well as some peace officers are subjected to a battery of psychological tests, usually followed by examination by a psychologist. While the agencies try to be fair, many candidates are psychologically disqualified for no valid reason. This disqualification will follow the candidate as he or she applies for law enforcement positions in other jurisdictions.


Dr. Marc Janoson is a former panel consultant for the New York City Police Department and a forensic psychologist with over thirty years of experience. Since 1996, Dr. Janoson has been successfully assisting candidates in appealing disqualifications for many New York civil service agencies.

Dr. Janoson knows that to achieve the best possible outcome, advance preparation is invaluable. He can review your history for potential red flags and counsel you on the best way to handle any negatives in advance of your interviews.

If you already have been given a psychological disqualification and wish to appeal, you will need to see an independent psychologist who will evaluate your fitness for the job. Dr. Janoson will interview you, give you some psychological tests, and review the report written by the original doctor. Then he will write a report to the Civil Service Commission about your fitness to serve. While results are not guaranteed, this is the best route to reversing your disqualification and clearing the path to your chosen career.


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