Marc Janoson, Ph. D., President

Dr. Janoson is a licensed psychologist and forensic psychology expert who has specialized in psychological assessment for over thirty years. In addition to his extensive forensic psychology expereince, Dr. Janoson is a recognized expert in the use of objective psychological assessment tools to arrive at conclusions regarding the mental limitations, diseases and defects of defendants and clients. Such objective assessments are highly credible in Court as they are unaffected by the potential biases of the person doing the assessment.

Dr. Janoson specializes in the interpretation of these computer based tools and is an authority in the forensic applications of the MMPI, the most widely used and accepted personality inventory.

He has vast experience providing psychological services for attorneys, law guardians and social workers and has been qualified as an expert witness in the Federal, State and Family Courts. Dr. Janoson has also worked with many New York area Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies, including NYPD, Nassau County Civil Service and NYC Department of Correction.

Dr. Janoson holds a Ph. D. in Psychology and is certificated in family forensic psychology. He has taught many workshops on forensic tools and is often consulted after other professionals have been unable to provide an acceptable forensic evaluation.

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Thomas Lazzaro, Ph. D.

Dr. Lazzaro has been a licensed clinical psychologist for over 30 years. He is best known for his extensive forensic pscyhology experience and expert testimony in criminal, civil and family litigation. Dr. Lazzaro, who teaches forensic psychology at Syracuse University, is also known for his research on human impulse control.

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